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Morning Glory - 18.72% THC 

Jager-17.40% THC 

Pre98 Bubba Kush-16.28% THC

DogWalker x BlackDog-18.05% THC

Critical Kush-20.69% THC

LSD-22.52% THC

Black Lemon Kush-18.64% THC

GMOxTina-17.92% THC

Chocolatina-21.79% THC

Dream Sequence-18.64% THC 

Blue Orca-20.54% THC

O'Shit Berry-16.66% THC

Happy Accident-12.71% THC

Love Drunk-20.55% THC


Dream Squence-19.11% THC

NASA Bruce-25.81% THC

Crocketts Sour Tangie-15.62% THC

The Prophet-22.20% THC

Cannalope Haze-23.08% THC

Leeroy Triangle Kush-23.11% THC

Sour Kush-21.38% THC

Jager-17.60% THC

LSD-20.15% THC

Pebble Pie-25.42% THC

5th Element-24.79% THC 

Critical Kush-20.63% THC 

I-95-26.89% THC

Cindy White-20.34% THC 

GG#4-24.49% THC

Black Lemon Kush-18.64% THC

Chocolatina-21.79% THC

Extracts & Cartridges

Bloom - all .5g & 1g cartridges 

Green Crack - 80.18% THC

Maui Wowie - 80.18% THC

Pineapple Express - 80.18% THC

Granddaddy Purp-80.18% THC

GSCookies-  80.18% THC

Champagne Kush- 80.18% THC

PEX-80.18% THC

Blue Dream-80.18% THC

Jack Herer- 80.18% THC

King Louis XIII- 80.18% THC

Sky Walker- 80.18% THC

Mountain Top Extracts - .5g

Gorilla Glue Live Resin Nectar - 66% THC

Gorilla Glue Live Resin Diamonds  - 66% THC

LSD x Pebble Pie Live Resin Caviar - 75% THC


Morning Glory-17.38% THC 

Cindy White-20.16% THC 

The Prophet-21.00% THC

Edibles & Topicals 

Herbal Edibles Soothe Salve 200 mg

Mountain Top Edibles

Cranberry Lemonade Candy Drops 100mg 

Lemon Tart Candy Drops 100mg

Sour Orange Candy Drops 100mg

Apple Cherry Berry Gummies 200mg

Sour Watermelon Gummies 200mg

Pineapple Cherry Gummies 200mg

Lemon Lime Gummies 200mg

Bhang Dark Bar 200mg

Bhang Milk Bar 200mg

Bhang Iced Bar 200mg

Bhang Cookies & Cream 200mg

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