Lemon Skunk “is a cross between two Skunks, the chosen phenotype selected for its lemon characteristics. The Lemon mother has been kept for over 20 years in Las Vegas and the father was chosen in Holland. The male was donated by Eddie, formally the owner of one of the oldest and most prestigious seed banks in the Netherlands. This original prize male was selected and used in many breeding projects throughout the years” (http://dnagenetics.com/lemon-skunk). Seven Point Farms’ Lemon Skunk offers an uplifting and energetic effect. The feelings of happiness our strain has to offer, along with its lemon and skunk aromatics make it a great choice for starting the day out or for when the day is dragging.

Primary smells in Seven Point Farms’ Lemon Skunk include: Skunk and Lemon. These smells are combined with a ponderosa flavor providing patients of a hike through our vast New Mexican wilderness.

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