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About Us

At Seven Point Farms our mission is to provide patients and 21+ adults in New Mexico with safe, all-natural, high quality cannabis that is cultivated in an environmentally conscious manner. Learn more about the way SPF farms ...


By utilizing custom greenhouses that are designed and built by the Seven Point Farms team, we are able to produce high quality cannabis with only a fraction of the electricity that indoor cultivators use. Our plants are much larger and healthier because the sun contains intensity and specific energy that can't be reproduced with artificial light. Cannabis is a plant, and plants are supposed to be grown under the sun. The greenhouse allows us to both harness the power of the sun and to control the environment in order to ensure safe, high quality cannabis.

Seven Point Farms believes that plants are meant to be grown in soil. Plants that are grown hydroponically or in a neutral medium do not get critical nutrients for quality cannabis production. Think of grocery store tomatoes that are cultivated to have good visual properties, but have little to no taste or flavor. This is because tomatoes, like cannabis, are not supposed to be grown in water. Although hydroponic methods are good for businesses because they produce fast growing, large, good looking buds, the plant suffers because it is being challenged to grow in unnatural conditions.

Grown in



Seven Point Farms focuses on building quality soils and maintaining a diverse soil ecology to provide plant nutrition in a natural and holistic manner. To accomplish this, we brew nutrient solutions with microbe-rich ingredients. These teas inoculate beneficial microorganisms into our soil and help defend against predators, pests, and pathogens and provide plant nutrients in a natural and familiar way to the plant. Likewise, Seven Point Farms grows its plants in containers with various nitrogen fixing legumes. These legumes, such as white Dutch clover, help improve soil and provide habitat for the beneficial microbes that live in the soil.

What's in our soil

Coconut Coir

Green Waste Biochar

Worm Castings

Blood Meal

Rice Hulls

Alfalfa Meal

Oyster Shell Flour

Flax Seed Meal

Kelp Meal

Volcanic Ash

Yucca Extract

Dry Molasses

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