Ketama is an Indica landrace from Northern Morocco. Landrace strains are traditional strains, locally adapted over a long period of time to the natural and cultural environment of a region. At Seven Point Farms, we believe that it is important to maintain these ancient strains because they are important for genetic diversity. For example, it can be seen that Seven Point Farms’ Ketama exhibits elevated levels of various cannabinoids. Ketama was of particular interest to SPF because Northern Morocco has a similar natural environment to the Central Rio Grande Valley where Seven Point Farms cultivates its high-quality medical cannabis. Seven Point Farms’ Ketama is a trichome-rich hash plant that will help take the load off and relax you at the end of a long day.

Primary smells in Ketama include: Earth, pine and lemon. Ketama tastes like a true earthy hash plant that will help send you off into a relaxing daze.

Disclaimer: Seven Point Farms is not a medical authority, does not engage in the practice of medicine, and does not claim medical expertise. Seven Point Farms recommends you consult your licensed medical provider regarding treatment and/or medication.

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